Farava et Boolay du Massa was Zaran engineer and, as of 432 IE, alien resident of Amargosa. The provisional government hired him to maintain spacecraft built by his species.

Boolay came to Amargosa sometime around 422 IE. During the Lara Occupation, he spent the year hiding naked in trees and chattering at the Gelt like a wild animal. The occupation force assumed he was simply local wildlife and eventually ignored him.

Sarcastic yet brilliant, Boolay railed on the preference of humans and Gelt for “butt huggers,” conventional seats. He particularly disliked seats on Orag craft because their squat Neanderthal bodies necessitated lower seats compared to those used by Sapiens.

Boolay joined Suicide and JT Austin aboard the Arcanum on their mission to find Jayne Best. He complained to Colonel Hu about burying ships similar to the Queen of the Canopy. Unlike the OA-22 Falcon, the Zaran-built craft did not respond well to sitting under three meters of soil.

The trio went to Gohem and its moon, Menh. While Suicide met with a pilot friend for information, JT accompanied (against his better judgment) Boolay to a comfort house (brothel.) JT did not partake, but Boolay booked an Orag prostitute who accused him of not paying. This resulted in a brawl with her bodyguard, which JT joined, and the arrest of the bodyguard, JT, and Boolay. Suicide sprang them by invoking Tishla‘s name.

Boolay went with JT and Suicide first to Marilyn, then Walton. On Marilyn, he worked with Connor Duffy to mask the Goldeneye‘s identity. On Walton, he became backup pilot when JT and Suicide, along with Mitsuko Yamato, scoped out District 19.

While Suicide, JT, and Mitsuko did recon in District 19, Boolay piloted the Goldeneye first into orbit as the Tachi to fool the Anna Khirovsky, then to District 19 to extract Suicide’s team.


Appearances: Suicide Run