Keernith Rajani was a Kolkat woman who lived on Aphrodite. Originally part of the radical Cubist movement, she and her surviving husband, Patchi, formed a splinter version of ALF to resist the movement and its leader, Gerard Kurz.

Keernith was once the sole woman in a plural marriage that included three husbands. She and Patchi often joked the other two succumbed to her voracious sexual appetite, with Patchi stating he hoped to go that way himself. In reality, the had an exhibitionist streak, often wanting others to watch as they made love.

In 423 IE, Keernith and Patchi helped organize a wave of bombings in Sanctuary, earning them the moniker “the Butchers of Sanctuary.” However, as they broke from Kurz and went underground, the made their living fishing in one of the nearby rivers.

In 434, she and Patchi rescued Mitsuko Yamato from Kurz. They took her with them and allowed her to stay with them. However Mitsuko was kidnapped when she left briefly to give them privacy.

One of Mitsuko’s troops, Sakimoto, paid the couple to turn her over to him in exchange for weapons and supplies when they reached Sumat. The couple believed Sakimoto wanted to return her to the Navy. In reality, Sakimoto had taken payment to turn her over to Jez Salamacis. When they encountered Border Guard troops, they safely turned her over to Cybercommand and revealed what they knew about Mitsuko’s former underling.

Cybercommand took Keernith and her husband into custody, turning them over to the Navy aboard the Jack SwigertAt Mitsuko’s request, they were then turned over to Admiral Burke aboard her flagship, the Valles Marineris. Mitsuko and Suicide convinced them to participate in a final assault on Kurz on Mt. Buxanshal.

During the ride up, she and her husband continued their unusual antics, prompting Ellie Nardino and Davra Andraste to ride in the forward section of the bat wagon used to climb Mt. Buxanshal. After camping a kilometer below the peak, they participated in a firefight with Kurz’s lookouts.


Appearances: Royal Orders