Polity:  Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Area of Specialty: Ground and aerial combat, orbital close combat

Headquarters: Nicaragua, Earth


The Compact Marine Corps served as the primary ground forces of the Compact. It was analogous to similar organizations, most notably the US Marine Corps and Royal Marines, as well as land armies, of pre-Interstellar Eras.

Marines did depend on the Navy for transportation and often provided security for Naval vessels. Additionally, Naval tradition saw Marine NCOs assigned as NCOIC’s for Navy Special Forces units.

Troops traveled to combat zones on a fleet of troop carriers set aside specifically for them. However, one notable division gained fame for diving from orbit, usually from an OA-22 Falcon, into combat zones. The Corps provided the primary combat troops for any engagement involving hand-to-hand combat and worked in tandem with the Border Guard afterward.

The Compact frequently elevated the planetary guards of various core worlds, most notably the Household Guards of Bonaparte, to Marine Corps status. On Amargosa, all Colonial Guard personnel and volunteers were considered Marines and subject to Compact rules and regulations.





Private First Class

Lance Corporal





Staff Sergeant

Gunnery Sergeant

First Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major of the Corps


Warrant Officer:

Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer

Master Warrant Office

Master Warrant Officer of the Corps


Commissioned Officers:

Second Lieutenant

First Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel



General Officer:

Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General



Commander in Chief:

Commandant of the Marine Corps