Goldeneye was the name of a series of ships flown by Suicide and JT Austin after the Liberation of Amargosa.

  • Goldeneye I – In 431 IE, the provisional government of Amargosa and the government of Metis assigned an OA-22 Falcon for Suicide and Austin to use in work for the colony, Metis, the Hanar (which “amicably disputed” Amargosa with Metis to give the citizens more of a say in their ultimate status.) In 432, following an assassination attempt on Provisional Governor Best, Suicide took the ship to the Thulian Enclave to begin a search for Best’s wife Jayne, feared abducted after the attempt on her husband’s life.
  • Goldeneye II – The second Goldeneye was a Zaran ship with discreet projection drive. It began as the Arcanum but was changed during an escape from Marilyn to Goldeneye at Austin’s insistence. They made the name permanent from that point onward. On Marilyn, Connor Duffy arrived to mask the Goldneye‘s drive signatures and temporarily alter its transponder to give the name Tachi*. Additionally, he altered a hyperdrone’s transponder to run with Goldeneye as its name and sent it through a hypergate to Jefivah to throw off the trail. Boolay during the extraction of Jayne Best.The Goldeneye participated in the rescue of King Edward of Bonaparte and his party from Mud. Additionally, the ship went on a mission to take out the Cubist ship that hijacked the Queen Maria Sophia. When the Cubist ship self-destructed, Suicide changed the target to the Sophie and wormholed to the opposite side of Mud to reach it. Suicide took the ship to Hanar for a prisoner transfer. Afterward, despite a rift between her and JT, they took turns flying the Goldeneye on freight runs. In 434, she took the ship on a freight run to Belsham, where she encountered Mitsuko Yamato investigating the radical faction of Cubists. During the mission, Ellie Nardino installed Hanarian cloaking technology on board over Boolay’s protests.
  • Goldeneye III

*Tachi is a misremembered spelling of Tochi, the original name of the Rocinante in The Expanse series. Ironically, the crew of the Roci used the same trick to change their ship’s name as Duffy did to mask the Goldeneye‘s identity and use a hyperdrone as a decoy.