Akrad Izumi

Akrad Izumi (died 416 IE) was a childhood friend of Suicide‘s. They met at school when he intervened in a fight the young Cui Yun had gotten into. He later returned on leave from the Navy in 408 for Yun’s graduation. They began a relationship where Izumi gave her the nickname “Little Wing,” which would later become her call sign. He also taught her how to fly.

In 411, during a Yun’s first flight into orbit, he proposed to her. She accepted on condition that he take her virginity. For him, it was his first time with a woman in microgravity.

Akrad served as a fighter pilot aboard the Hancock, under Captain Eileen Burke. He died in battle in 416, never learning Yun had misscarried their child. Some of his ashes went into a bullet locket Yun would wear for the rest of her life.


Appearances: Suicide Run