John Parker

John Parker (died 429 IE) was the constable of Harlan Township on Amargosa. A former Marine and Polygamy Wars veteran, Parker owned a farm in Harlan where he raised moosalo. He had a wife, Sarah, and a daughter, Lizzy.

Parker showed skepticism when Lucius Kray invited him into the test of JunoCorp‘s creeper vine, preferring, as most of those in his township did, to stock up for the Central Plains‘ drought-prone winter. His wife and daughter at the time had been making gosalope jerky.

The Parkers took custody of JT Austin when he stranded himself on Amargosa. Aware he was the son of an admiral and a very powerful executive, John put the boy to work on his farm. Upon learning his talent for hacking security systems on various vehicles, he made JT the farm’s “bot wrangler,” helping control wayward tractbots. He also put JT on a clean-up detail on a fire-damaged farm in nearby Dagar Township. There JT found the spent magazine of a counterfeit KR-27 rifle, which Parker informed the boy was illegal.

After six weeks, Parker offered to let JT stay with his family until his eighteenth birthday, subject to his parents’ approval. JT accepted. Kray attempted to gain custody of JT, but Parker refused even after seeing JT’s full record. He informed JT he was pleased with his progress but did not want him alone with his daughter ever. Shortly thereafter, he explained to JT that he trusted his intentions and those of his daughter, but not their hormones. He did not want them hurting each other.

When the creeper vine from Dagar Township crossed the maglev line into Harlan, Parker confronted Kray about it. He informed Kay that, not only were the old-line GMO companies coming to investigate, someone from OCD would arrive soon.

Parker’s suspicions were not allayed, and he grew concerned about activity beyond the Townshps. He and JT attempted to drive up to the foothills to see a pilot called Suicide, who lived in a shack in the Mining District. Suicide would know what occurred at the Founders’ Mine and the surrounding area. However, their passage was blocked by a paramilitary group on the Mine road. Parker instead took a maglev to Lansdorp.

Parker and his wife were killed when invading Gelt raided their farm. They were found by their daughter.

Appearances: Gimme Shelter