Tol Germanicus

Tol Germanicus was a trillionaire and the Chief Financial Officer and number two executive at Dasarius Interstellar, a company that held a near monopoly on hypergate and projection drive technologies. Germanicus frequently used holograms of himself to interact at a distance with others, using an AI interface to keep an eye on operations in difficult-to-access locations. These AI instances would update him at a later date.

One, one of the first solid-projection holograms invented, acted as Germanicus’s presence on Farigha when the terreforming world was devastated by Gelt attack. It saved John Farno from radiation poisoning. He would cover his holograms’ presence by stating he was germophobic. Germanicus himself gave covert assistance to Vice Admiral Eileen Burke in using the Alcubierre to rescue Farno. He also appeared on Dakota to personally intervene when the Naval commander there expressed alarm at supplying Captain Linda Havak with needed equipment.

Germanicus looked simultaneously old and young at the same time, his appearance that of an unrejuved fifty or so. Roughly 500 years old, Germanicus was one of the founders of Etrusca, though he was against the Romanization of that world’s government and culture. Yet, for much of his life, he lived on Earth primarily at a mountaintop estate in Switzerland with another estate in Vietnam, a third in Georgia, Old Dixie, and a fourth somewhere in South America. Additionally, he had an estate on Tian in the Central Alps.

He diverted Force Admiral Quentin Austin to discuss the investigation into Hatch. Austin revealed what he knew about Hatch and JunoCorp. Germanicus revealed evidence that JunoCorp was setting up the Etruscan colony of Anacreon.

When Austin handed the investigation into Juno over to Douglas Best, Germanicus personally intervened, asking to be kept in the loop. He revealed that Juno was more than JunoCorp and had burrowed its way into Dasarius as an investment to gain access to its technology. He said Juno’s goal was to control amortality to make it a commodity rather than give it to the masses. He suggested that Best start with Richard Byrd University, where High Normaj Jayne had undergone an early treatment designed for Sapiens.

Germanicus survived an explosion at a dockside restaurant in Quantonesia while meeting with Alain Vanever and Earth‘s senior Assembly. Both delegates were killed.

Germanicus visited Best aboard the Canterbury, expressing his condolences to him for the death of Carolyn. He also explained how Gene Klament, Juno’s mysterious founder, was a protege of his early in Germanicus’s career and that he had left a trail of blood behind him ever since his return to Sapiens space. He also informed Best that no Gelt ship was seen by planetary defense, suggesting the attack happened on the ground by terrorists. The Canterbury had no record of Germanicus’s presence aboard the ship during Best’s journey.

He met once more with Best aboard the Queen of the Helios before it jumped to Thule. He explained Best’s treatment and that which Jayne underwent made them a new species of human, Homo amortalis. There would be two others, Homo Virtualis and Homo Syntheticus. Best asked him if he was Steven Turing. Germanicus said that wasn’t the first time he had been accused of that.

In late 429, he paid a visit to Nolan Rosc in Armaneya City after Rosc encountered Gene Klament. Germanicus asked him to try and lift a DNA sample from him. Rosc was arrested, so Germanicus had him bailed out and obtained the sample from his effects. Later, as Rosc recovered from injuries sustained in the explosion of a Zaran freighter, Germanicus confirmed that Klament’s DNA matched Marcus Leitman‘s, but that the information had to remain secret for the time being.


Appearances:    No Marigolds in the Promised Land, Broken Skies, The AmortalsThe Exile