Astronomical Name: Belsham

Class: Class-E

Radius: 5872.5 km

Mass: 5722.3×1024 kg

Atmosphere: oxygen-nitrogen


Political Information:

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Status: Core World

Government: Libertarian republic

Capital: Friedman


Belsham was a Compact core world and a Class-E planet. Considered a “libertarian paradise,” often contrasting it with the nominally socialist Mars, it did not have the ideological rigidity of its original parent world, Walton, a core world that succumbed to unrest and food shortages.

Belsham had its capital in Friedman, a mid-sized city. It’s major education institution was Ron Paul University. Belsham also had a thriving space travel industry, with a major shipyard and research facility. It also was the birthplace of Cubism.

Prior to 325 IE, Belsham was a colony of Walton, a founding core world of the Compact. Around that time, Walton suffered a series of crippling weather events and food shortages. Society and the government there collapsed, and Walton’s membership in the Compact transferred to Belsham. In turn, Belsham made its parent world a protectorate. As of 432, Belsham still maintained a bare-bones government on Walton and kept the planet virtually quarantined.



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