Astronomical Name: Gohem

Class: Class-E

Radius: 5899.4 km

Mass: 5.7725×1024 kg

Satellites: Menh

Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen


Political Information:

Polity: Unnamed Gohem authority

Status: Central

Government: nominal constitutional monarchy


Gohem was an extremely Earthlike planet, more so than Tian, where the planet and its satellite had only slight variations in dimensions and climate from the EarthLuna system. At some point fifty-to-seventy thousand years prior to the Interstellar Era, an unknown alien species took a group of Neanderthals from Earth and transplanted them to Gohem. These became the Orags, who are the primary intelligence on this world.

Because Menh, Gohem’s moon, is some sixty thousand miles closer than Luna is to Earth, Orags reached their moon two centuries before sapiens reached Luna. (The first Menh landing would have happened approximately 1770 AD.)

Gohem was home to the Pandragoem (literally “World Clinic”), the largest Orag-dominated medical facility in then-known space. It was also considered the foremost facility for amortality research in humans and, later, all primates, eventually affiliated with sapiens-oriented facilities on Earth, Thule, Amargosa, and Aphrodite.

Author’s note: Orag names are corruptions of proto-Indo-European. While the language would not have existed when the last Neanderthals died out on Earth, it’s used to make the Orags’ relation to Homo sapiens more obvious.



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