Sansar Aryanna

Sansar Aryanna (died 430 IE) was a Realm diplomat, member of the Seat of Supremacy, and successor to the Sovereign who died on Amargosa in 429 IE. She “accepted the godhood” while her predecessor’s son, Akon was in minority. She pledged to mentor Akon and abdicate at a later date, naming him her successor. After receiving the heart of Devold, the last Sovereign to keep his name and rule from the original homeworld,, from Jez Salamacis, she sent an ambassador to Quantonesia to make peace overtures to the Compact.

Some time after her accession, she opened the box containing the Heart of Devold. The heart was booby trapped, releasing an early variant of the suicide toxin, killing her and everyone in her household.

Much of this information comes from a deleted scene that will be added to a later edition of Storming Amargosa.

Appearances: Storming Amargosa