Riley (died 430 IE) was a former war criminal from the Polygamy Wars. He was among those arrested by Lucius Kray at New Kirland as the war drew to a close. Metisian by birth, he settled on Amargosa. During the Gelt Incursion, he joined Tyler Wat on the mission to reach the Ban Ki-moon. He had not quite given up his Goshenite beliefs. Davra Andraste noted that he smelled badly.

When Davra Andraste and Hauser faced a Section 11, Riley picked fights with JT Austin and Eric Yuwono, broken up by Suicide and Wat.

After Hauser‘s execution, Riley continued to harass Trixie, earning him contempt from Wat and the threat of a Section 11 from Suicide. At the bunker, Riley again tried to attack Trixie while in JT’s custody, starting yet another brawl. However, he knocked JT into a wall, exposing the entry panel and allowing the team to enter.

Even after escaping the bunker, Riley continued to pick fights with JT Austin and to harass Tishla. Frequently, if Wat or Suicide did not threaten him, Boone, the mute, would intervene and force him to back off. When JT and Wat returned with a working vehicle, Suicide ordered Riley to ride with her under Boone’s supervision. She sent JT to mind Tishla and ride with Wat. She also informed Riley she would be perfectly willing to Section 11 him for the good of the team. Riley doubted she would do it.

He was among those who pretended to defect with Tyler Wat to Lucius Kray’s militia. The others included Eric Yuwono and Boone. He went on the recon mission to meet Colonel Diana Jovann‘s group ahead of their meeting with Kray. Rey Yuwono expressed surprise that a human being could smell so bad.

At Riverside, when the truce between the Gelt and humans broke down, Riley wandered through the growing chaos and stumbled onto a nuclear warhead Kray had stashed. He proceeded to get drunk as he pondered how to detonate it. Davra Andraste and Eric Yuwono found him. He warned them of his plan, expressed remorse for his many crimes, and told them to flee the city while they could.

Riley stumbled onto a nuclear device hidden by Kray. Davra and Eric Yuwono found him lying in the room drunk. He warned them to flee the city as he was going to set off the bomb. Laral Farad found him not long after and killed him. The warhead, however, still detonated minutes later.


Appearances: Second WaveStorming Amargosa