Star System: 2 Mainzer

Astronomical Designation: 2 Mainzer b

Astronomical Name: Farigha

Class: Class-M

Radius: 3406.5 km

Mass: 9.858×1023 kg

Satellites: Loki, Deja

Atmosphere: Most CO2

Population: 900,000 as of 435 IE


Political Information:

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly (until 432), Metisian Republic (432— )

Status: Colony of Mars (until 430), protectorate of Metis (until 432), core world of Metisian Republic (432— )

Government: Provisional republic

Capital: Solaria




Farigha was a Class-M world orbiting 2 Mainzer, a red dwarf. Its similarities to Mars’s atmosphere, size, and water content made it an attractive choice for terraforming. Mars named the planet “Farigha,” meaning “empty” in Arabic. By 428 IE, eight domed or tented cities ringed the equator. The original, Landfall, had been abandoned by then, and Solaria, while nearly complete, had not gone online.

In 429, a Gelt force led by Laral Farad bombarded the planet. Additionally, several fusion devices destroyed some of the domes. The attack left a single survivor, John Farno, who had been camping out between domes when the attack came. Building a AI who eventually became Persephone Farno, he was able to verify the destruction of most of the domes and get Solaria online. The Alcubierre rescued Farno and Persephone after over a month alone on the planet.

By 432, Farigha had become a protectorate of Metis. Farno and Persephone returned to oversee the rebooted terraforming project. When Metis formally declined to sign a revision to the Compact and seceded, Farigha became a core world along with Amargosa.


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