Marcus Leitman

Marcus Leitman, alias Marc (Marq) Katergarus, sometimes known simply as “Luxhomme,” was a GMO sales representative for a startup company called JunoCorp. He appeared on Farigha prior to the catastrophe that devastated the terraforming world. His employers had an exclusive contract to grow their products on Jefivah‘s three recently settled colonies. Tol Germanicus accused him and his employer of causing problems for old-line genetic modification enterprises, which counted on six hundred years of standards and practices to maintain safety and quality of their products. His aliases, all legal entities, stemmed from a curious Etruscan law that permitted citizens to have multiple aliases that could function as separate individuals. In some cases, people had been known to sue themselves in court. As such, his bios with the Compact and with JunoCorp listed multiple aliases, core world citizenships and residences, conflicting birthplaces, and, more confusingly, ages of 170 and 37.

As “Marq,” he obtained the indenture contract for Tishla. Upon learning Humanic, she learned that Lattus Kai had intended to void her contract while she was pregnant. She also learned Marq’s name on Metis was “Marc Katergarus.” She was able to extrapolate the name as Greek for “trickster.” When she realized he had no intention of informing her of her freedom, she attacked him in his own home but left him alive. The responding drone found Douglas Best standing over him. Best promptly assaulted him again.

While investigating the disappearance of warheads from Marilyn, Douglas Best and the Grand Dimaj learned from Walter Pope that Leitman had been passing himself off as Etruscan when Pope believed he was actually Metisian. The Luxhomme alias was Neo-Latin while the Marc Katergarus name was Byzantian, from the more Greek-influenced regions of Etrusca. Both names were legal identities under Etruscan law. He frequently annoyed his CEO, Mr. Pope by returning to JunoCorp’s corporate headquarters for quick marketing meetings or reviews. More often, he would depart for Laputan space and be out of contact for long periods. One such instance came mere days before Farigha went silent in 429.

After Tishla and Best both attacked him in his Sophiopolis apartment, Leitman abandoned the Luxhomme and Katergarus aliases and fled to Jefivah. When the Etrusca Explorer reappeared as a derelict, he then fled to Belsham. However, Best spotted him and led authorities for arrest. To avoid trial on Jefivah, he agreed to travel to Earth and testify before the Compact Security Council. There, he placed blame for the incidents, including the sudden silence of Gilead, on the Defence Commission. When the Council delegate for Mars objected, Leitman shifted the blame to Mars for failing to save its own colony, Farigha.

After convincing the Council that he was a duped employee of JunoCorp, he traveled several times to Amargosa. During visits to Amargosa, Leitman agreed to supply Lucius Kray‘s militia with weapons in exchange for convincing his township’s farmers to grow a spore-based GMO for JunoCorp. He later introduced Kray to Riverside‘s city executive, who shared Kray’s fears that an invasion was imminent. Because of this, Leitman was able to run weapons to Kray through the city. He also suggested to Kray that the Founders' Mine, north of the Townships‘, would make an ideal base of operations when war came.

Leitman became alarmed when he discovered JT Austin living on Amargosa in John Parker‘s custody. He pressured Kray to assume custody of the boy to get him off world before the war began.

The day of the invasion, Leitman took great pains to erase all traces of his presence on the planet. He did, however, visit Kray in his holding cell in Lansdorp. He informed Kray that the city would be destroyed within forty-eight hours. Shortly afterward, he narrowly escaped the Gelt Incursion. He fled aboard one of the last projection drive ships off the planet, landing on Jefivah.

Shortly after his escape from the Incursion, Leitman managed to get himself appointed junior delegate to the Compact Assembly for Earth. He glossed over his apparent citizenships on Metis and Etrusca by saying the aliases masked his Earth origins for privacy. During this time, he began a relationship with Tessa Dasarius, moving into her estate in Seattle.

Upon the death of Earth’s senior Assembly delegate, Leitman was promoted to senior delegate. When the Compact Security Council met in an emergency session following the bombing of Bromdar, Leitman voted against a declaration of war until they knew more at the Realm. He then met with Douglas Best to propose creating a strong executive independent of the Compact Assembly. He also proposed replacing Vos Roberhardt as Secretary-General with Baker ibn-Aziz as Roberhardt proved too unstable to be a wartime leader.

Leitman attended Carolyn Best‘s funeral. There, he tried to deflect Best’s suspicions and claimed that Gene Klament was the reason he left JunoCorp, saying Juno was a cult run by a very angry man. Best dismissed him, which earned him the respect of his late wife’s father.

Nolan Rosc broke into his apartment in Armaneya City in an attempt to obtain a DNA sample for Dasarius Interstellar. Leitman did not press charges, but instead tried to convince him that Germanicus was a hologram create by Dasarius to give their company structure.

As evidence mounted that Leitman was, in fact, Klament, he conspired to have Lattus Brac arrested and charged Nolan Rosc with treason. However, as a delegate, his writ was invalid.

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land, The Marilynists, Broken Skies, The Amortals,