Marcus Aurelius

Type:  Capital ship

Class:  Augustus Caesar (Germanicus – Type II)

Polity:  Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service: Navy

Destroyed: 432 IE


The Marcus Aurelius was an Augustus Caesar-class starship commissioned by and built near Etrusca. Technically, it was a Germanicus-class starship, Type II, in line with the Metisian-built Prometheus.

As of 432, it was one of three ships commissioned by Etrusca for the Compact Navy. Her sister ships were the Augustus Caesar and the Hadrian. In 432, the Aurelius transported a royal party from Bonaparte, consisting of Princess Elizabeth of the House of Windsor and Queen Widow Reiko, to Mud. There, they had to retrieve two crew members of the Queen Maria Sophia, Edward Windsor, heir to the throne on Bonaparte, and Mitsuko Yamato, his fiancée. King Yanuhito had just passed. However, as the party made preparations to return to Bonaparte for Windsor to become King Edward, A Juno ship raided and seized the Queen Maria Sophia. As Yamato and JT Austin tried to escape to the Aurelius, the ship exploded, killing the entire crew.

Austin later found out Elizabeth, a former Cybercommand enlistee, knew how to exploit a backdoor on the Germanicus class, shutting down the Sophie and allowing her to overload the Aurelius‘s reactor. While the attackers were ostensibly radical Cubists, Cybercommand traced them back to Juno, a fact confirmed a year later when Yamato smashed the radical Cubist movement on Aphrodite.