Liberation of Amargosa

The Liberation of Amargosa was a major military operation in 430 IE primarily executed by the Compact Navy, with assistance from Hanar. It brought to an end the year-lond Laral Occupation of Amargosa. Although Fleet Admiral Tran Vu was present, Vice Admiral Eileen Burke commanded the fleet.

The operation began when the CNV Challenger warped into orbit around Amargosa and launched a squadron of six OA-22 Falcon assault shuttles, led by Suicide. Each Falcon dropped a squad of Marines from orbit before depositing a ground contingent of Navy Special Forces upon landing.

Once the assault teams landed, the capital ships of the Compact arrived. Admiral Burke took the Valles Marineris as her flag, nominally under command of Force Admiral Howard Wiehe. Upon arrival, one of the pilots from the Hancock‘s flight wing spotted the fusion blast in Riverside from orbit. Rear Admiral Quentin Austin demanded to be taken down to search for his son, JT, who crashed during the blast. Burke accompanied him, leaving Wiehe in charge until the fleet admiral arrived.

Additionally, the Compact sent the Wilson-class U Thant. With the full fleet in orbit, and Marines orbital paratroopers and ground-landing Special Forces softening Gelt positions, the fleet fully engaged the Gelt fleet over Amargosa. The capital ships began pounding colony transports from orbit.  Additionally, large troop transports followed the first wave of orbital Marines and second wave of Navy Special Forces, several troop transports landed, described as “dropping half a small town from orbit.” The transports’ size and weight alone served as a weapon, crushing enemy emplacements that could not be avoided.

The Challenger arrived, carrying First Citizen Lattus Tishla and Fleet Admiral Tran.  Tishla broadcast, in the Mother Tongue, to the Laral fleet that she was asserting her claim under Realm law and ordering the occupying force to stand down. She repeated the order in Humanic for the benefit of the Compact fleet. Tran then accompanied her to the surface after she learned JT Austin had crashed near the fusion blast in Riverside. She was unaware that Admirals Burke and Austin had already landed for the same reason.


Appearances: Flight BladeStorming Amargosa