Gav was a Navy Falcon pilot serving aboard the Queen Maria Sophia in 433 IE. An ensign during his tour, he had a bad case of wormhole sensitivity. His superior, Lieutenant JT Austin, ordered him to get a prescription for an Orag remedy that stopped the effect. Gav did visit Medbay and found himself grounded until he could acclimate to the remedy. Mitsuko Yamato would copilot for Austin on the trip to Mud to retrieve Edward Windsor.

The Sophie was taken by Cubist terrorists. After the ship was retaken, Gav served as navigator on the Goldeneye on Suicide‘s mission to transport the royal party and the Gelt prisoners from Mud to Hanar. Unfortunately, he had not yet mastered use of the Orag remedy for wormhole medication.

Gav missed a state breakfast hosted by Lattus Tishla as he was sleeping off a hangover. However, he did make the dinner thrown by Windsor. So nervous was he to dine with royalty that he Queen Reiko sarcastically told him King Iron Cloud had been the last Bonapartan monarch to behead someone over table manners.


Appearances: Checkmate