Mt. Buxanshal

Mt. Buxanshal was the highest peak on Aphrodite. Because of the planet’s deep troposphere, the climate at the top featured breathable air and moderate temperatures year-round. A volcanic mountain, it stood isolated from any mountain range. It likely had been an island when Aphrodite had deeper oceans. The peak featured a caldera and a small plateau.

Frederick Ansel, founder of Cubism, created a retreat for Aphroditians to use when they joined the faith. After Ansel left the planet in 425 IEGerard Kurz commandeered the location for his radical Cubist movement, really a front for Juno. The Navy conducted a raid on the retreat in 434, killing Kurz and saving the facility from destruction. It also effectively ended the radical Cubist movement. Ansel would return to the facility to resume his work on Aphrodite.


Appearances: Royal OrdersSuicide Gambit