The CJC-1967 was a Falcon assigned to JT Austin during his tenure aboard the Queen Maria Sophia. He flew the ship while retrieving the newly elevated King Edward I and while escaping with Edward’s party from the Sophie when terrorists seized the ship.

Austin used a brief interruption in ship’s systems engineered by Edith Peddig after the invading mechs had been disrupted. He and Mitsuko Yamato escaped, but the ship that brought Vernis, the terrorist holding CNC, destroyed a second Falcon piloted by Stephanie Mercado and carrying First Officer Friese and Flight Commander Kamal. After hiding in debris from the destruction of the Marcus Aurelius, Austin landed the ship, low on air and fuel, after a rapid reentry that pulled 8 gs. Originally, his target was the Metisian ship Minerva , but the Valles Marineris arrived minutes before the Falcon ran out of air and fuel.

Later, King Edward commandeered the ship, now refueled and resupplied, to travel to the Minerva. Admiral Burke protested Windsor’s taking JT Austin along.


Appearances: Checkmate