Bravax Ran

Bravax Ran was a Gelt Warrior in command of the garrison on Mud in 433 IE. He negotiated a deal with JT Austin and Edward Windsor to get off the planet. Whoever’s side sent a ship, the other side would surrender with the agreement they be taken to Hanar. Additionally, Edward, as the new king of Bonaparte offered himself as a high-value hostage should a Gelt ship arrive.

Bravax and his company took shelter in a cave with the Compact troops, where they discovered a large mech. While in the cave, Vernis, who held the Queen Maria Sophia, had her own ship bombard the Compact encampment and the alien ruin the Gelt garrison used as a fort. Upon the arrival of the Republic ship Minerva, Bravax and his troops crammed aboard one of five Falcons accompanying Suicide to evacuate the planet.

Bravax and his garrison traveled to Hanar aboard the Minerva. There, when transported to the surface, he insisted he had to surrender to JT Austin, not Windsor or Lattus Tishla. He did so by kneeling before Austin, ramming his sword into the ground, and disintegrating it with a special key. Tishla then arranged accomodations at the behest of the Realm embassy while they awaited transport home.


Appearances: Checkmate