The Realm

The Realm was the home polity of the Gelt, a primate species. In 428 IE, unofficial first contact occurred with humans when a person calling himself Marq conspired with members of the Warrior Caste Laral Family for four Compact to be seized, triggering a war between the two entities despite no prior knowledge of each other. The Gelt Incursion resulted in the destruction of Farigha, the fall of Gilead and founding of Hanar, the occupation of Amargosa, and a failed invasion of Anacreon.

The Realm had a de facto monarchy with a Sovereign who “surrendered His or Her name” upon accession and “assumed the godhood.” The Sovereign’s advisory council, which served as regent when a gap between successive sovereigns occurred, was the Seat of Supremacy. It included leaders of various castes, including the Warrior Caste. It had been about a millennium since a Warrior assumed the godhood when the sitting Sovereign was killed in 429 IE.

The Realm attempted peace with the Compact. However, with the death of the Sovereign’s successor in 430 IE, as well as Marcus Leitman’s rise to the presidency of the Compact, peace became difficult. Evidence of a human murderer prompted three of the Compact’s worlds to become the Metisian Republic.

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