The Realm

Founded: Original nation/world state, unknown; Exodus from homeworld: 127 IE

Homeworld: Original: Melekan; Current: The Throneworld

Primary Species: Gelt

Government: Hereditary monarchy with oligarchical council

Head of State: The Sovereign

Official Language: Mother Tongue


The Realm is an interstellar empire centered on a Class-E world known as the Throneworld. It is governed by a deified monarch simply known as the Sovereign, who forfeits his or her name upon accession. The Sovereign takes advice from and delegates authority to an oligarchal council known as the Seat of Supremacy, composed of the heads of various Castes, the military, and a handful of common religions.

Until 429 IE, the Realm was the sole governing polity for the species Gelt. They had been an interstellar presence when, in 127, multiple Gelt-made catastrophes destroyed the homeworld of Melekan. The combination of chemical, biological, and quantum disruptive events resulting from Melekan’s final global conflict drove the Gelt to flee under the banner of the last named Sovereign, Devold, himself perishing in the conflict.

The Realm remained somewhat reclusive, trading with Gohem, the Orag homeworld, and a handful of other species. A war of first contact with the Laputan Guardianship expanded their contact with other intelligent species. However, contact with sapiens came about when a human named “Marq” and a Gelt Warrior, Laral Jorl, engineered a land grab on two Compact colonies with an eye on a third. This resulted in an unwanted war with the Compact beginning in 429.

When the then-Sovereign died in late 429 while visiting Amargosa, a diplomat named Sansar Aryanna surrendered her name and became the new Sovereign. She favored peace with the Compact once the Amargosa problem resolved. However, with her murder by Juno and President Baker ibn-Aziz‘s incapacitation, peace remained elusive. The previous Sovereign’s son, now an adult, became Sovereign and vowed no peace while Marcus Leitman governed the Compact. Because His Father helped create an independent Hanar, jointly governed by humans, Gelt, and a growing number of other primate aliens, the planet became a mediator between the two sides.

Realm society was built around Castes, each responsible for a different aspect of life, government, and business within the empire. The Warrior Caste made up the bulk of the military but was frequently denied its candidates for Sovereign. Other Castes included Legal, Diplomatic, Medical, and Courtesan. One of the Sovereign of 429’s goals for Hanar was the dismantling of the Caste system.

After the Laral Occupation of Amargosa ended, the Realm and the Compact fought what amounted to token battles over such insignificant worlds as Mud.



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