Flight Blade

Flight Blade by TS HottleFlight Blade is third book of the Gathering Storm Arc and twelfth book overall in the Compact Universe series.

As the Compact investigates conditions on the colony formerly known as Gilead, two junior officers are paired aboard the Challenger for the mission. Giddeus Modesto is a cocky young Falcon pilot whose arrogance keeps him from promotion. Mitsuko Yamato is not only a Special Forces lieutenant but a royal from the core world of Bonaparte. She would prefer to be a royal. Thrown together, the mix like oil and water as they prepare for the liberation of Amargosa. But before they can face the mutual enemy of Hanar and the Compact, they have to battle each other.

And they have to impress a legendary pilot, call sign “Suicide.”

Preceded by: The Exile

Followed by: Storming Amargosa