Earth, also known as Sol c, was the birthplace of the human species, the homeworld of the variant known as Homo sapiens. and the capital world of the Compact.

Orags, who originated on Earth as the Neanderthal species of human, refer to the native Sapiens as “terrags” and the planet as “Idin,” a name that may have been the root word for “Eden” in later Middle Eastern lore. The Laputans, whom some theorize were originally hybrids of Sapiens and other primate species elsewhere in the local stellar region, refer to Earth as “Idem,” which also may share a root word with the name “Adam” of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic lore.

On other Compact worlds, Earth had a reputation for being a dirty, overpopulated world racked with disease. This was largely on smaller core worlds unable to compete with the Big Five worlds.


Pronunciation:         erth

Alternate names:   Terra, Gaia (unofficial), Sol 3, Sol c

Adjectives:              Earth, Terran

Class:                       E

Star:                          Sol

Orbit:                        147,095,000 km – 152,100,000 km

Diameter:                12,742 km

Gravity:                    1g

Atmosphere:          78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 1% water vapor, 0.9340% argon, 0.0413% carbon dioxide, 0.00182% neon, 0.00052% helium ,0.00019% methane, 0.00011% krypton, 0.00006% hydrogen

Satellites:               Luna

Political status:     Core World

Capital:                  New York City, Mid-Atlantic Zone, North America

Government:        Federation – United Nations, founded 1947 AD

Primary Polity:     The Compact of Humanity in Assembly