Earth, also known as Earth c, was the birthplace of the human species, the homeworld of the variant known as Homo sapiens. and the capital world of the Compact.


Pronunciation:         erth

Alternate names:   Terra, Gaia (unofficial), Sol 3, Sol c

Adjectives:              Earth, Terran

Class:                       E

Star:                          Sol

Orbit:                        147,095,000 km – 152,100,000 km

Diameter:                12,742 km

Gravity:                    1g

Atmosphere:          78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 1% water vapor, 0.9340% argon, 0.0413% carbon dioxide, 0.00182% neon, 0.00052% helium ,0.00019% methane, 0.00011% krypton, 0.00006% hydrogen

Satellites:               Luna

Political status:     Core World

Capital:                  New York City, Mid-Atlantic Zone, North America

Government:        Federation – United Nations, founded 1947 AD

Primary Polity:     The Compact of Humanity in Assembly