Star System: Sol

Astronomical Designation: Sol c

Astronomical Name: Earth

Class:  Class-E

Radius: 6371 km

Mass: 5.97219 x 1024

Satellites: Luna

Atmosphere: Oxygen/Nitrogen with trace elements

Population: 6.2 billion


Political Information:

Polity:      Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Status:      Core World

Government:        Federated Democracy

Capital:    New York City, Atlantic Zone

Earth is the third planet in the Sol System and the original home of the human species Homo sapiens. Additionally, in the ancient past, a small group of Neanderthal humans were taken by some unknown species and transplanted onto Gohem, a nearly identical planet. As sapiens have been the sole extant species of human on Earth, the planet has been considered a human world.

Formed 4.5 billion years ago, Earth is a watery planet with a temperate atmosphere. The surface is 71% covered in water, making its oceans a single globe-spanning sea. The oceans can be quite deep away from the edges of the continents, with some areas nearly seven kilometers below sea level.

The planet has a varied climate, with tundra, permafrost, and ice caps in the extreme northern and southern latitudes, and everything from deserts to fertile plains to lush forests, the last particularly near large rivers. Human civilization has done much to alter the planet’s surface and climate and nearly made the world uninhabitable in the twenty-first century. Ironically, efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses left the planet vulnerable to a short solar cooling period in the mid-first century IE.

As an entity, Earth is a core world of the Compact of Humanity in Assembly, the primary governing body over most sapiens. It’s official name is the United Nations of Earth and Luna, founded originally as the League of Nations in 1924 AD and, after that organization’s failure during the Second World War, reorganized as the United Nations in 1945. The UN again reorganized and became the planet’s overall authority after the end of the World War Era. Prior to World War III and the AI War, Earth existed as a fragmented group of nation-states, the most powerful of which were the Roman Empire, Mongolian Empire, Hapsburg Empire, British Empire/Commonwealth, Soviet Union/Russian Federation, United States of America, and the Celestial Empire/People’s Republic of China/Chinese Federation.

The Compact arose from a conflict between the UN and Earth's first interplanetary colony, Mars, which desired more autonomy.