Type: Capital ship

Class: Germanicus-class starship

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly, Republic of Metis

Service: Compact Navy, Metisian Navy

Commissioned: 430 IE


The Minerva was a Prometheus-class starship commissioned by Metis. While considered a Navy vessel, it actually belonged to the Republic of Metis while it remained a core world. When Metis and her colonies, along with Amargosa and Farigha, seceded from the Compact, the Minerva became the Navy flagship of the Metisian Republic, the successor to the Compact as the polity over the three seceding worlds.

Wedge-shaped, like all Germanicus-class-based starships, it had discreet projection drive, in which the drive dishes folded into the hull, and warp drive. Near the end of Metis’s time as a core world of the Compact, the Minerva patrolled Amargosa and its star system.



Suicide Run