The Minerva was a Metisian-built capital ship. A wedge-shaped vessel with discreet projection drive, it came to help defend Amargosa after the assassination attempt on Provisional Governor Best. The Minerva monitored the attack on Chapaan Village and provided support to Suicide and JT Austin as they assessed the damage on the ground and retrieved Carolyn Best. Governor-General Jovann ordered the ship to assist Suicide and Austin as they left the planet for Marilyn. As Suicide and Austin left the planet, the captain of the Minerva asserted the provisional government’s right to supercede the Compact in the rescue of Jayne Best and ran interference as the Arcanum jumped to Gohem.

After Metis, Amargosa, and Farigha seceded from the Compact, the Minerva became a Republic Navy vessel. In 433 IE, the ship came to the aid of Edward Windsor‘s party, who had become stranded after their ship, the Queen Maria Sophia, had been overrun by mechs controlled by Juno. Suicide accompanied them as the Goldeneye traveled in the ship’s hangar bay. Suicide herself led the rescue of both the human and Gelt forces on the surface.

Marines aboard the Minerva assisted in retaking the Queen Maria Sophia. They then transported the Gelt garrison to Hanar for transfer back to the Realm.


Appearances: Suicide Run