Lieutenant Handley was a Navy Special Forces officer stationed aboard the Queen Maria Sophia in 433 IE. He seconded Edward Windsor in overall command of the Spec Force presence aboard the Sophie. However, he had to accompany JT Austin and Mitsuko Yamato to relieve Windsor upon his accession to the throne on Bonaparte. While he was rated to fly the Falcon assault shuttles, Austin preferred having Mitsuko as his copilot.

Upon assuming command of the unit, Handley because a lieutenant commander via field promotion granted by Windsor. Upon Windsor’s return, he objected to the truce with the Gelt garrison led by Commander Bravax Ran. However, he also expressed shock at the seizure of the Queen Maria Sophia and destruction of the Marcus Aurelius. After sheltering in a cave alongside the Gelt garrison, where Elizabeth revealed alien artifacts, he and several of his troops boarded the GoldeneyeSuicide would ferry them to the CJC-1967 to evacuate. The condition of JT’s Falcon, due to its rough reentry, meant that some of his troops would have to remain aboard the Goldeneye.

Once rescued, he led one of several teams sent to retake the Queen Maria Sophia. On board, he met up with a Metisian Marine team led by Suicide. With the ship now disabled by an EMP, they headed for CNC to secure it before Windsor could put himself in harm’s way. Windsor’s team did, in fact, breach CNC. Windsor lost a hand in the battle, but Handley and Suicide’s teams disabled the mechs and stunned everyone inside by tossing in a pair of stun grenades. Windsor recovered quickly, as well as Vernis. However, Vernis attempted to self detonate only to be killed by JT.


Appearances: Checkmate