Baker ibn-Aziz

Baker ibn-Aziz was the senior delegate to the Compact Assembly from The Caliphate in 429 Interstellar Era. He was a friend of Douglas Best and gave him a playful ribbing about his “conversion” to the Marilynist faith.

Some time in late 429 IE, the Compact Security Council appointed ibn-Aziz Secretary-General of the Compact, with Marcus Leitman as his deputy. Leitman pushed for a revision of the Compact to create an executive branch with a president. As the matter underwent debate, ibn-Aziz emerged as the favorite candidate for provisional president upon ratification. He voiced reluctance for the position but accepted its eventuality.

Ibn-Aziz expressed annoyance with Leitman for his trip outside the Compact as the vote on the presidential revision. The vote passed in the Security Council. Leitman nominated him to be provisional president once the revision was ratified. The delegate from Tian, however, nominated Calpurnia Barratus, ibn-Aziz’s political rival.

Ibn-Aziz went directly to the war room after the vote to receive near-live updates of the Liberation of Amargosa, summoning Leitman, Barratus, and Martian junior delegate Gavin Riis. Three of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Luke Bokome standing in for Fleet Admiral Tran Vu.

Ibn-Aziz abstained from the final vote on creating a presidency in the Compact Assembly as he was a candidate for provisional president pending ratification. However, he interrupted the vote as the invasion of Amargosa began, summoning Leitman back to the war room.

When the Assembly passed the revision, ten core worlds had trigger legislation to ratify it. With that threshold met, pending certificaiton, ibn-Aziz became provisional president. One of his first acts was to force Leitman to relinquish the Secretary-General’s hold on civilian authority over the military. That job now belonged to the new president.  To reinforce this point, he placed his personal ship, formerly the Secretary-General’s ship, Compact One, at Tessa Dasarius‘s disposal when she requested permission to travel to Hanar to see her son.

As he became provisional President of the Compact designate, ibn-Aziz invited the Realm to send an ambassador to Quantonesia. He took the oath shortly after the Liberation of Amargosa. After being sworn in as the provisional president, he quietly proposed to his chief of staff, Jennafern Tapper. She accepted, and ibn-Aziz introduced her to well-wishers as the new First Lady.

Ibn-Aziz won election to the presidency in his own right but took severely ill mere days after his inauguration of his first full term. Leitman became acting president. Some questioned whether Leitman had attempted to kill ibn-Aziz.


Appearances: The Amortals