Baker ibn-Aziz

Baker ibn-Aziz was the senior delegate to the Compact Assembly from The Caliphate in 429 Interstellar Era. He was a friend of Douglas Best and gave him a playful ribbing about his “conversion” to the Marilynist faith.

Some time in late 429 IE, the Compact Security Council appointed ibn-Aziz Secretary-General of the Compact, with Marcus Leitman as his deputy. Leitman pushed for a revision of the Compact to create an executive branch with a president. As the matter underwent debate, ibn-Aziz emerged as the favorite candidate for provisional president upon ratification. He voiced reluctance for the position but accepted its eventuality.

Ibn-Aziz expressed annoyance with Leitman for his trip outside the Compact as the vote on the presidential revision. The vote passed in the Security Council. Leitman nominated him to be provisional president once the revision was ratified. The delegate from Tian, however, nominated Calpurnia Barratus, ibn-Aziz’s political rival.


Appearances: The Amortals