Sapient Lycanth

Sapient lycanths were a species of lycanth on Amargosa. Unlike the previously encountered species, the sapients, as they were sometimes called after interacting more with humans and Gelt. During the Laral Occupation, the various packs grew concerned about the new species of primate as they were warlike and threatened to come to what humans called “the uninhabited continents.” They made their way to the “eastern” continent and attempted contact with humans. Suicide‘s team encountered them but did not realize they were dealing with a native intelligence. When Deming went silent, rumors spread that the new Northern Resistance included lycanths.

Two lycanths, dubbed Red and Spikey by resistance leader Chapaan, became prominent in the Liberation of Amargosa, both serving as part of Chapaan’s inner circle.

These lycanths referred to the Gelt colony transports as “sky cities,” which served as a warning conditions had become more dangerous. However, with Ellie and Sored as part of Red’s pack, they grew annoyed their primate companions could not run as fast and needed their meat cooked. This would continue to be an issue until more primates joined the new pack.

At the end of the Liberation of Amargosa, sapients carried out the execution of Lucius Kray. Section 11’d by Chapaan and found guilty by Gelt members of the Northern Resistance, he was also found guilty of crime against the pack. Those who threaten the pack would have to “surrender their meat.” They devoured Kray brutally and in minutes, leaving little left. The only other person executed in such a manner by the Northern Resistance was Arvin, who, months before, attempted to assassinate Ellie Nardino.


Appearances: Among Wolves, Storming AmargosaSuicide RunCheckmate