Bromdar was a core world within the Compact.

Among other things, the planet produced vatted meat. The planet was almost completely urban, even the mountains and oceans. Smog caused the planet to appear dimmer than most Class-E planets. Visitors commented that the air smelled like hot metal and ozone due to heavy industrialization. It’s capital was Krupp.

In 429 IE, the city of Lada suffered a fission-triggered fusion blast from a Gelt attack, retaliation for similar attacks on a Gelt colony by the starship Challenger. Shortly afterward, Krupp was destroyed in a second nuclear attack, killing Carolyn Best and severely wounding her husbandTol Germanicus pointed out that no ship had been detected nor were any Gelt on the planet at the time. This suggested a terrorist attack.


Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land, Broken SkiesThe Amortals