Astronomical Name: Bromdar

Class: Class-E

Radius: 5676.3 km

Mass: 7.4257×1024 kg

Atmosphere: oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 14 billion


Political Information:

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Status: Core World

Government: Republic

Capital:  Krupp (until 429 IE), Gates Complex



Bromdar was a fully urbanized Class-E world. Heavily industrial, it was described by visitors as smelling like grease and hot metal. Virtually every square meter of the surface, even ocean floors, had been urbanized. As a result, very little green or gray shows from orbit, and clouds have a brownish tinge to them.

During the Realm War, begun with the loss of three colonies in 429, the Realm retaliated over the bombing of an agrarian colony by destroying Lada, a major city. The attack involved a kinetic weapon. A subsequent attack was blamed on the Realm, but Tol Germanicus suggested a Juno attack to Cybercommand, citing no detection of Realm assets and use of a fission bomb, an outdated Earth weapon. As a result, Bromdarians in general took a dim view of peace with the Realm.

Bromdarians, originally descended from central and eastern European colonists, spoke with flat, nasally accents, sometimes compared to the “Rust Belt” accents of Midwestern America prior to the Interstellar Era. Southern Bromdarians had largely African ancestry, primary via America, but many from southern Africa. Davra Andraste, born on Metis, said bullies picked on her for her lilting accent, but the other Children of Amargosa - Group noted a sharp Bromdarian accent when Davra got angry.



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