Laral Peteesh

Laral Peteesh was the wife of Laral Umish, the governor of Amargosa during the Laral Occupation in 429 IE. She had been married by her father to Umish as payment of a debt to the Laral Family. As a Warrior, she had to be conditioned to be more servile and submissive to her new husband. However, she could still fly a shuttle and handle weapons if pressed.

In contrast to the fierce Warriors aboard Umish’s colony transport, Peteesh took a childlike glee in her surroundings. She took Davra Andraste as a domesticated pet, putting her in a humiliating dress and informing her she could use the water closet “like real people.”

Peteesh continually referred to Davra as “child” despite the girl being a “pet.” She dressed her in frilly outfits and sent her unescorted to the transport’s kitchen for fruit plates. She also informed Davra, which some excitement, that the Sovereign of the Realm would soon arrive. Her mood soured, however, when she learned that Umish would not be permitted to wear his armor and ranted in Humanic to Davra about it.

She excitedly let the Sovereign’s personal guards take Davra to be questioned by the Sovereign. Upon her return, she expressed hope that Umish would “gift her” for the night to the Sovereign, that is, he would have Peteesh sleep with the Sovereign as a personal gift. Rather than being insulted, she sounded excited by the idea. However, she took Davra with her to a banquet where she and Umish sat next to the Sovereign. As Peteesh could not handle the rich food served, she had Davra run to the kitchen to get her a fruit plate. Unbeknownst to her, Davra had the fruit tainted with grease. This made Peteesh violently ill, and Davra helped her to the facilities to vomit and deal with the equivalent of explosive diarrhea. As she cleaned up, a bomb went off in the banquet hall, killing Umish and the Sovereign.

Davra promised to protect her in captivity if Peteesh could get them off the ship. Peteesh used her position to get to the shuttle bay and killed a Warrior who attempted to kill Davra without her permission. As they took a livestock carrier off the falling colony transport, Peteesh revealed she had originally been a Warrior. Her father sold her to Laral Jorl as a bride and plaything for Umish to pay off a debt. However, her reflexes returned. When Davra pointed out that her piloting skills had diminished because she’d been conditioned to accept repeated rapes by Umish to produce an heir, Peteesh surrendered to Davra as a prisoner. Once they landed near Edoras, she informed the responding resistance fighters that she would cooperate and that, if most human women were like Davra, she would prefer to live among their kind.

Peteesh surrendered to Major Quan upon Davra’s return, understanding she would both be studied as an alien specimen and questioned for intelligence on her species intentions. A pair of lab technicians threatened to harm her when Davra intervened. She was then placed in Davra’s custody.

Lucius Kray demanded to see her when he invited Colonel Jovann to Riverside. Davra voiced concern that Kray would kill and dissect her. However, Jovann ordered both of them to go on the mission. She complained during the march of the primitive conditions. However, when an ursoid attacked the unit, killing two of the fighters, Peteesh’s suppressed Warrior instincts kicked in. She killed the ursoid and promptly surrendered her weapon to Davra.

Upon the team’s arrival in Arcanum, Peteesh identified a Gelt assault team, allowing the humans to take it out. They found themselves surrounded by Marines commanded by Major Hu Dingbang. Hu examined her, showing contempt for a hostile alien. She informed him that she could kill him if provoked, then turned to Davra to apologize profusely. When discussion turned to the Northern Resistance, she said she was not surprised that Warriors and settlers had turned on her late husband’s family. She also voiced a willingness to join this resistance cell. She also revealed that the name of the leader, Chapaan, came from a lurid myth about a Gelt goddess of motherhood who would devour those who threatened her children.

At Riverside, Kray took Peteesh prisoner and implanted her with a capsule of the biotoxin he had weaponized. While holding her prisoner, Davra attempted to free her and take her someplace where the toxin could be safely extracted. They were interrupted by Farad, who killed her by triggering the toxin.

Appearances: Second WaveStorming Amargosa