Anna Khirovsky

The Anna Khirovsky was a capital ship built by Bromdar in the wake of the Gelt Incursion of 429 IE. A large wedge-shaped craft similar to other craft built by the various core worlds in the 430s.

In 432, the Khirovsky carried Jez Salamacis, now chief of staff to Acting President Leitman, on her mission to retrieve the children of Douglas and Jayne Best. Under command of Captain Aiken Hiller, the Khirovsky attempted to intercept the Arcanum as it left the planet. However, the captain of the Minerva asserted Amargosan authority in the matter and confirmed Suicide‘s fraudulent flight plan to Jefivah.

The ship traveled to Marilyn in its search for Jayne Best. Salamacis was able to extract Jayne Best’s whereabouts from Governor McLaren. The ship moved on to Walton. There, Salamacis traveled to the Koch Medical Center in District 19 where she captured a team led by Suicide. The team escaped with Jayne Best. The ship failed to intercept Suicide’s ship, the Goldeneye, as it fled via projection drive to Farigha.

The crew determined how to transit the remains of the Yaphit Pass to follow the Bova to Thule. There, Salamacis demanded the surrender of Suicide and Jayne Best. The planet responded by firing on the Khirovsky.

Suicide boarded the ship via a ground-to-space warhead. Salamacis apprehended her with armed drones and brought her to CNC. When a standoff ensued, she killed Captain Hiller. Lt. Davra Andraste disabled her. Executive officer Chen Mei, now captain, ordered Salamacis placed in the brig.


Appearances: Suicide Run