Astronomical Name: Metis

Class: Class-E

Radius: 6138.9 km

Mass: 58671×1024 kg

Atmosphere: oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 5.2 billion


Political Information:

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly (until 432 IE), Metisian Republic

Status: Core World

Government: Parliamentary republic

Capital: Sophiopolis


Metis was a Class-E world and originally a core world of the Compact. It had, among its colonies, authority over Gilead, which it lost during the Gelt Incursion of 429. Named for the original Greek goddess of wisdom, it had a feminist society, but patterned itself after Celtic cultures with trappings of Greek mythology. As Metis had been swallowed by Zeus in mythology, the capital, Sophiopolis, featured a tall statue of Metis erupting from an agonized Zeus’s belly and holding up a sword.

The Jovann family is dominant in Metisian politics, the generation as of 429 referred to as the “Seven Sisters.” These included Vesta June Jovann, chancelloress of the planetary government; Rhea, a longtime member of the Compact Assembly and Metisian Republic parliament; Diana, a Marine colonel and leader of the Amargosan resistance; and Athena Jovann, a former Assistant Compact Attorney, special envoy, and governor-general of Amargosa during the Republic Era.




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