Metis, also know as the Metisian Republic, was a Class-E core world of the Compact. Originally, it was also the parent world of Gilead before the Gelt Incursion. It had its capital in Sophiopolis. The government occupied a Parthenon-like building atop a hill overlooking the the city. Other notable landmarks in the capital included a status of the goddess Metis shown violently escaping from Zeus’s belly.

Metis had a similar size to Earth with comparable land and water surfaces. It had two moons, one about half the size of Luna and a smaller one that appeared brighter due to metallic dust on its surface.

As of 429 IE, its planetary fleet had no projection drive capability.

Metis had a more matriarchal society. It had, in 429 IE, at least four hypergatesTishla expressed horror at the Greek myth in which Zeus swallowed Metis, resulting in Athena springing fully formed from his head.

During the run-up to the Amargosan liberation, Metis’s delegation to the Compact Assembly threatened to secede if it were not given the right to allow Gilead to secede so that the regime calling it Hanar could be recognized. The Assembly transferred authority over Farigha and Amargosa to Metis, but this did not stop the long, slow march toward legal secession in the wake of the presidential revision to the Compact.

Under Metisian authority, Amargosa functioned as a virtual independent world while citizens debated its future. The government appointed a governor-general to represent Metis on the planet and serve as an alternate for the provisional governor, at the time, Douglas Best. Farigha, while operating as a terraforming project, attained full colonial status.

Upon witnessing evidence that Jez Salamacis, Acting President Leitman‘s chief of staff, murdered the previous Sovereign of the Realm, Chancelloress Vesta June Jovann recommended to the Metisian parliament to secede from the Compact. Chief Administrator Farno  and Governor Best recommended the same for Farigha and Amargosa respectively.


Appearances: The Roots of War, The Marilynists, The Children of Amargosa, Broken Skies, Tishla, Second Wave, Flight Blade, Storming Amargosa, Suicide Run recommended the same to their planetary governments.