Metis, also know as the Metisian Republic, was a Class-E core world of the Compact. Originally, it was also the parent world of Gilead before the Gelt Incursion. It had its capital in Sophiopolis. The government occupied a Parthenon-like building atop a hill overlooking the the city. Other notable landmarks in the capital included a status of the goddess Metis shown violently escaping from Zeus’s belly.

Metis had a similar size to Earth with comparable land and water surfaces. It had two moons, one about half the size of Luna and a smaller one that appeared brighter due to metallic dust on its surface.

As of 429 IE, its planetary fleet had no projection drive capability.

Metis had a more matriarchal society. It had, in 429 IE, at least four hypergatesTishla expressed horror at the Greek myth in which Zeus swallowed Metis, resulting in Athena springing fully formed from his head.

Appearances: The Roots of WarThe Marilynists, The Children of AmargosaBroken Skies, TishlaSecond WaveFlight Blade