Hu Dingbang

Hu Dingbang was the major in charge of the Marine contingent outside the ruins of Arcanum during the Laral Occupation of Amargosa. The battalion remained isolated for most of the occupation as the Transcontinental Maglev line had been severed between the Central Plains and the eastern coast of the inhabited continent.

Hu made contact with Lucius Kray in Riverside and relayed Kray’s request to meet to Diana Jovann. He also discovered the Northern Resistance, including its inclusion of disgruntled Gelt settlers and Warriors, Upon meeting Jovann on her way to Riverside, he dispatched a squad north to meet the resistance cell.

Some time later, Hu received a message via an impact probe alerting him to the coming liberation. Eventually, he joined the Northern Resistance, placing himself under Chapaan‘s command. Together, they accepted the surrender, then assistance of the Gelt garrison at Arcanum. The expanded resistance then marched on Riverside but stopped short when a fusion blast destroyed the city.

When Chapaan began closing in on Kray’s remaining militia, Hu suggested using “blank” mechs, those whose central processors were wiped by the blast’s EMP, as the vanguard of the attack. Connor Duffy had reprogrammed some of the intact units to be controlled remotely.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa