Lycanthia was the eventual name of Amargosa‘s western hemisphere. By agreement with the humans and the former Gelt occupiers, the region would be kept lightly developed so the sapient lycanths could preserve their hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

In the 320s, when humans first arrived on the planet, the sapient lycanths withdrew from the eastern hemisphere (eventually dubbed Utopia Paradisia). They believed peace could be maintained if humans made no moves to come over the poles.

Primate development in Lycanthia consisted of landing pads atop hundred-meter-tall towers and small villages spaced far apart. A law enforcement apparatus was setup to work with pack leaders so that human, Gelt, and lycanth could control interactions with each other without conflict.

Ellie Nardino often spent months in Lycanthia after the liberation,having a deep bond with the lycanths.

Appearances: Suicide Run