Astronomical Name: Walton

Class: Class-E

Radius: 6299 km

Mass: 5586.2×1024 kg

Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 900,000 (estimated)


Political Information:

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Status:  Protectorate of Belsham

Government: Protectorate

Capital: Samueltown


Walton was a Class-E planet and one of the few core worlds to have failed. An original signatory of the Compact (document), it had a corporate charter, one of two such core worlds (the other being Magic World.)

Around 325 IE, a series of crop failures and natural disasters led to a breakdown of civil order and a mass exodus from the planet. More ideologically rigid than most core worlds, the government collapsed almost overnight. In the ensuing emergency, Walton’s colony Belsham assumed provisional authority over the constituency. Walton’s Compact membership and seat on the Compact Security Council transferred to Belsham. The former colony made its parent world a protectorate.

As of 432, the capital, Samueltown, remained largely abandoned. Forest fires set nearly a century earlier, still burned, fed by underground mines set ablaze. JunoCorp claimed the district surrounding Benneville for use in GMO research. As such, bizarre and unauthorized synthetic plants ran amok in the province. These included audreys, large, carnivorous mutations of Venus flytraps capable of consuming a human in minutes.


Suicide Run