Walton was a Class-E planet and failed Core World. The government of Walton collapsed around 330 IE. Founded as “the exact opposite of Mars, settlers billed Walton as a “libertarian paradise.” However, because it was too inflexible in its ideology, it could not adapt to a series of crises, leading to famine, civil unrest, and a total collapse of government.

As a result, its membership in the Compact devolved to its colony, Belsham. Belsham, unable to pacify its former parent world, declared Walton to be a protectorate and simply blockaded the planet.

As of 432, a couple of major cities, a handful of mines, and two large forests remained on fire a century after the collapse of all civil authority. Only the capital, Samueltown remained a functioning urban center. Walton had one hypergate operated by Belsham’s defense forces. It also had a serious pirate and smuggler problem that Belsham largely tolerated when Walton became too resource intensive to reclaim.

Cybercommand’s brief on the planet stated that regional gangs controlled various areas of the planet. All claimed the mantle of WLF (Walton Liberation Front), though no unified resistance or revolutionary group existed. Of particular concern to Cybercommand was District 19JunoCorp moved in to use the region as a GMO production zone. Cybercommand believed Juno also used it as a base of operations.

Suicide had visited some time in the past. She thought that war-torn Aphrodite compared favorably to Walton, described as a post-apocalyptic world, as Aphrodite had a functioning economy and shared a system with three other core worlds.


Appearances: Suicide Run