District 19

District 19 was a region on the failed core world of Walton. Some time prior to JunoCorp assumed control ostensibly to grow custom GMO crops. However, with the dissolution of Juno’s corporate front, the GMOs grew out of control. Walton’s parent world Belsham decided the region would be torched with all vegetation incinerated.

Someone abducted Jayne Best, diverting her shuttle to the area when she attempted to flee to Samueltown.

Unlicensed and experimental GMO plants overran the region. Creeper vine was especially prevalent. The area also hosted huge carnivorous plants dubbed “audreys that could consume animals the size of a deer.

Juno controlled District 19, made clear by its corporate front’s logo on the locals’ clothing and on buildings. Though lightly populated, Juno had made the residents loyal to them with food, jobs, and defense, mainly in the form of aggressive plants.


Appearances: Suicide Run