Queen Reiko

Queen Reiko (common name Reiko Yamato) was Queen Consort of Bonaparte and the wife of King Yanuhito. She met the future king when she was a police officer in New Tokyo. At the time Yanuhito inherited the throne from Queen Qihong, Reiko led that city’s Homicide Division.

In 433 IE, she traveled to Mud to inform the Windsor heir to the throne, Edward Windsor at the end of Yanuhito’s reign. She also had the unhappy duty to inform Mitsuko Yamato that her great uncle Yoshi (Yanuhito’s common name) had passed.

When Windsor refused all attempts to inform him from orbit, she and Elizabeth asked Captain Thalen to send Mitsuko and JT Austin to bring him back.

When the Queen Maria Sophia came under attack, she and Elizabeth, as well as the new king, had to evacuate with Austin and Mitsuko as escorts. The group resisted allowing Edward to assume command, but relented when attack mechs boarded the ship. Reiko expressed impatience with Austin’s caution, but Austin refused to break combat protocol. When the group stopped in the ship’s armory for more appropriate weaponry, she actually schooled Chief Gannek on energy pistol usage and recited how to use Gelt stun grenades. She actively participated in shooting mechs as they escaped to JT’s Falcon, the CJC-1967.


Appearances: Checkmate