Weiss was a female Cybercommand agent. In 429 IE, she held the rank of O-4 (equivalent of major or lieutenant commander in other services) while serving in Cybercommand’s Personnel Recovery Division. Her partner when she recovered Hideki Okada was O-3 Schulte. Weiss was married with children.

When Okada demanded Cybercommand engineers aboard the Challenger, be replaced with Navy personnel, she was reassigned to work as a security officer aboard the ship. Okada required her to wear a Navy uniform and go by the rank of lieutenant commander. However, for the Challenger‘s initial run to Earth, she reverted to her Cybercommand uniform and rank.

As the Challenger began its journey to Earth, Weiss expressed concerns to Captain Okada about Peter Lancaster. She believed he might sabotage a mission if it found it politically unpalatable. Okada expressed rage at the accusation, but was cut short by the incident knocking the Challenger out of warp. When the sudden stop resulted in essentially stranding the ship in interstellar space until projection drive could come online while the crew got a fix on Sol, Lancaster voiced his contempt for Cybercommand and its G-5.

When the Challenger put in at Nereid for repairs to its warp drive and to load up for its mission, Weiss accompanied five fission-triggered fusion devices onto the ship. Sealed orders later revealed that the ship would use the warheads on a Gelt colony known as Garrond 75e (Compact astronomical designation)..

During the mission, the ship hit another brown dwarf. As Lancaster effected repairs, Weiss and Okada were summoned by Austin via a pre-recorded message. In it, he revealed that he wanted them to complete or abort their mission based on their conscience, advising them to use projection drive to travel to Amargosa to see the damage for themselves. Burke also left a message to endorse the plan despite possible treason charges. Lancaster then informed them he needed hydrogen from the warheads to prime the fusion cores for the EM and projection drives.

Once repaired, the Challenger warped to Amargosa. There, Weiss determined the Gelt had colony transports on the surface, including over two fusion-blasted cities. The crew also discovered the Ban Ki-moon with probable survivors. After a stop in an uncharted section of space, the senior staff voted to continue the mission with modification. With three warheads stripped, the two nuclear weapons targeted remote, uninhabited areas, while a third, reduced to a mere kinetic weapon, targeted farmland. A fourth was used against the planet’s orbital station. Lancaster had rigged the final one as a ship-to-ship fission weapon. Although a Gelt ship damaged the ship’s EM and projection-drive systems, the Challenger escaped going to warp.

The ship returned to Nereid for repairs after the mission. Okada, Weiss, and Lancaster were taken in a shuttle by Admirals Burke and Austin for an off-the-record debrief. There, Weiss learned she had been promoted t0 O-5 and permanently assigned to the Navy’s Warp Program.

In the lead up to the liberation of Amargosa, Weiss gathered intelligence on the planet, using knowledge of the resistance’s likely locations and those of the Gelt by JT Austin and Connor Duffy.

Still with the Challenger in 432, she had attained the rank of O-4 (lieutenant commander in the Navy, major in other services). She recorded a holographic briefing on the failed core world Walton.

By 433, she had attained the rank of O-6 and no longer served on the Challenger as a crew member but in a Cybercommand capacity as mission specialist. She tracked down intelligence on the late S-5 Frank Volkoff, determining his death. She also learned a Cubist named Rothmoor had usurped his identity and used it to cause suspicion on Suicide, a close friend of Cubism’s founder, Frederick Ansel. However, Suicide had nothing to do with the Aphrodite-based radical faction. It was enough, however, to cause a rift between JT Austin and Suicide. Weiss briefed Austin and cautioned him both Suicide and Ansel were assets.


Appearances: Warped, Flight Blade, Storming AmargosaSuicide Run