Ponax (died 430 IE) was a Gelt Warrior who served as an aide to Laral Farad upon the latter’s accession to governor of Amargosa. Ponax spoke with a lisp and came off as effeminate by Gelt standards. Farad suspected he preferred men.

In Deming, Ponax saved Farad from an assassination attempt before the latter ordered the city burned to the ground, its survivors executed. At Riverside, he helped Laral search for Peteesh, the widow of his cousin, Umish. They found her along with Davra Andraste. Farad discovered her body had been booby trapped with the biotoxin Kray had weaponized. Kray planned to assassinate Farad by placing a gelcap in Peteesh’s navel so that, when Farad inevitably raped her, both would rapidly decompose when the cap broke. Instead, Farad rammed his dagger into her navel, dissolving Peteesh. He moved to capture Davra, but was interrupted by Eric Yuwono, who attempted to shoot him. Instead, Ponax leapt in front of Yuwono’s bullet and died. Yuwono shot Laral in the knee before fleeing.


Storming Amargosa