Delda Rallis

Delda Rallis was a Laputan male who served in wars of first contact against both the Realm and the Compact. During the war with the Realm, he fought a very young Lattus Kai. Though only a child, he managed to cut Delda’s face with a large dagger he later gave to Tishla. The two eventually became friends, and Kai instructed Tishla to seek out his friend “Rall” when she was on Metis. Delda gave her sanctuary at the Laputan Guardianship consulate in Sophiopolis. Upon learning of Lattus Kai’s death, he smuggled Tishla, now Lattus Tishla, back to Hanar to confront his killer.

After Tishla was able to found Hanar as an independent world, she commissioned Delda to work with her Lattus Brac and Nolan Rosc to recruit settlers to grow the new world. He intervened to prevent Laral Farad from killing Rosc.

Delda did not express surprise that Rosc encountered both Gene Klament and Tol Germanicus. Klament’s record revealed a legal alias of Mark Katergarus, whom Brac identified as “Marq,” the human who sparked the Gelt Incursion. Delda believed Katergarus had come to Armaneya City to conspire with Laral Jorl to seize Gilead and Amargosa. Brac suggested they wanted to use his family’s wealth to fund the invasions. Delda also believed Germanicus to be immortal rather than amortal as he survived every attempt over five centuries to kill him. It was Delda who arranged for Rosc to break into Katergarus’s apartment to obtain a DNA sample.

Later, when Rosc recovered from an explosion aboard a Zaran shuttle, he allowed Rosc to be moved to his villa on Ramcat to recover both on planet and out of sight of anyone looking for him.

Appearances: The Roots of WarThe Exile