Rey Yuwono

Rey Yuwono was a former Marine and Colonial Guard who sided with the illegal militia of Lucius Kray during the Gelt Incursion. He was the father of Eric Yuwono.

He encountered Davra Andraste in the east tunnels of the Founders' Mine and attempted to take her prisoner for the death of his son. Davra protested that Eric was still alive and recovering from injuries in EdorasEllie Nardino clubbed him in the head with a railgun charge.

Months later, Kray demanded he and Davra come with Colonel Jovann to meet with him in Riverside. He resented Andraste’s presence and had to be kept away from her and the prisoner Laral Peteesh for the march. Once in Riverside, Rey reunited with his son, Eric, who had inflitrated Kray’s militia.

Appearances: The Children of AmargosaStorming Amargosa