Edith Peddig

Edith Peddig was chief engineer aboard the Queen Maria Sophia when the ship came under attack in 433 IE. She frustrated the terrorist attack by compartmentalizing the ship’s networks. She also launched two hyperdrones for JT Austin, one to warn the Navy, the other to summon Suicide.

During the attack, she compartmentalized the ship’s systems so the attackers in CNC could not seize control of the ship. She also gave JT and Mitsuko cover by using the ship’s repair spider drones to drive away insect drones used by the attackers.

Metisian of Caribbean descent, she spoke with a distinct lilt. Her interjections suggested she either was Catholic or raised Catholic, a rarity at the time on Metis. Despite the secession of Metis in 432, Peddig remained in the Compact Navy.


Appearances: Checkmate