Princess Elizabeth

Elizabeth Windsor was the third of the Windsor children and second in line to Bonaparte‘s Throne of Napoleon in 433, at least until the Bourbon heir came of age. Her older brother Alexander was passed over due to his scandalous behavior. In private, she preferred to be called Beth, though occasionally she would go by Liz. Her family called her Lillibet, in honor of their ancestor, Queen Elizabeth II. However, she detested the nickname.

After university, she enlisted in Cybercommand. While there, she worked on controlling swarms of insect drones, which gave her insight into their use during the capture of the Queen Maria Sophia . She also worked on the backdoors of ships built after the Gelt Incursion. At the end of her service, she held the rank of E-4. At some point during her tour of duty, she obtained a puzzle cube, a symbol of Cubism.

When her brother Edward became king, she accompanied Queen Reiko to Mud to inform her brother. However, as Edward refused all attempts to inform him from orbit, she and Queen Widow Reiko asked Captain Thalen to send his fiancée, Mitsuko Yamato, and JT Austin to bring him back.

With Queen Widow Reiko, she had to evacuate the Queen Maria Sophia under escort by Austin and Mitsuko. While trapped in Medbay, she began flirting with JT much to the annoyance of her brother.

As they evacuated to the CJC-1967, Elizabeth regretted not changing before they left, having to run in a long dress and high-heels. However, aboard the Falcon, where she had to climb a ladder, she teased JT about looking up her dress as he climbed behind her. JT said that would have been funny if she had not worn a gown.

While everyone waited out the ship’s lockdown, Elizabeth informed JT that the Marcus Aurelius might have been destroyed by the backdoors she worked on in Cybercommand.

Once they escaped, and JT and Edward negotiated a way off of Mud, they had to let Handley know about the deal. Elizabeth outraged Edward when she revealed the battle over Mud came from Cybercommand‘s interest in the planet. However, she led both the human and Gelt battalions to a cave above both sides’ installations. There, they found a mech several long. It strongly resembled the mechs that overran the Queen Maria Sophia. She revealed that it had been left by whomever made a failed attempt to terraform Mud. Cybercommand believed it to be the same species that terraformed Ares. As the sides entered the cave, Vernis’s ship began bombarding the Gelt fort and the Compact camp.

When the Minerva arrived, Elizabeth showed anger that a “foreign” ship would rescue them. She became openly angry when Suicide contacted JT. She also did not react well when JT referred to Suicide as his mother. However, she had to join her brother, Queen Reiko, and JT and Mitsuko aboard the Goldeneye to return to the CJC-1967 for evacuation.

After the Queen Maria Sophia was retaken, Elizabeth traveled aboard the Goldeneye with her brother to Hanar.  During a state breakfast hosted by Lattus Tishla, she reacted sourly to a proposal that Bonaparte not sign the latest revision to the Compact and join with Hanar instead. She practically confronted JT about it on the assumption that he and Tishla were lovers. When JT disabused her of that notion, she changed tact and began seducing him, insisting he call her Liz, similar to the name of his late wife. She offered him sympathy for the loss of his shipmates.

That evening, she attended a dinner given by her brother. She seemed angry at Mitsuko’s sudden return to Edward’s side and jealous when JT looked stunned at her appearance in a formal dress. Nonetheless, she and JT quietly flirted their way through dinner. After dessert, JT asked her out on a walk. They went to a nearby park where they shard their first kiss. However, someone shot at them. Bornag, now a senior law enforcement officer, whisked them off to the Residence to give statements and get them out of the line of fire. She also had to debrief her brother. Once she and JT finished with the king, Elizabeth asked to spend the night with JT.

Edward would spend three months in the Thulian Clinic, publicly to recuperate, privately to receive permanent rejuvenation and an accompanying simulated aging regimen. He appointed Elizabeth to be his regent. She continued her relationship with JT, both trying to learn what the other knew.

Mitsuko later learned Gerard Kurz recruited Elizabeth to the radical Cubist cause. That same night, she discovered the radical front to be a front for Juno. Elizabeth languished in a Bonapartan prison awaiting trial by the Compact of Humanity in Assembly as of 434.

Appearances: CheckmateRoyal Orders