Laral Jorl

Laral Jorl (Died 429 IE)was a senior member of the Warrior Caste. In 429 IE, he arrived on Essenar at the behest of the alien Marq to propose to Lattus Kai moving his colonists to a pair of “rogue colonies” they could take off the hands of the Tianese. Laral suggested trading Essenar for the two planets, then kicking back ten percent of the colonies’ harvests once in Gelt hands to feed his troops.. Additionally, he requested signing Tishla‘s indenture contract over to him. Governor Lattus accepted the proposal, though declined to sign over Tishla’s indenture.

Lattus grew suspicious that Laral was conning him and confronted him in a duel before the Sovereign. Lattus died, setting up a confrontation with his now-wife Tishla and his younger brother, Lattus Brac.

As he oversaw the invasion of Cyal, the Gelt name for Amargosa, he found himself summoned back to Hanar (formerly Gilead to appear before the entire Seat of Supremacy. There, he was placed under arrest and guarded by angry human settlers, one of whom kicked him between the legs before realizing Gelt testicles resided in the male’s throat.

At his trial before the Sovereign, Laral learned that Tishla was no longer indentured property but a wronged heir to Lattus Kai. She demanded single combat before the Sovereign, which He granted. She chose his son, Laral Umish, as her champion as Gelt law forbade a pregnant woman from entering the arena. Rather than face his own son in combat and either kill him or die by his hand, he committed suicide using a shock pistol provided to him by Marq Katergarus.

Appearances: The Roots of War