Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter is the fourth story in the Compact Universe and third in the Seeds of War Arc.

JT Austin is the teenaged son of an admiral and a powerful CEO. When his parents decide to send him to military school, he flees Earth for Tian, hoping to make his own fortune. Instead, a prank strands him on Amargosa, the very edge of human space.

His parents opt to leave him there in the custody of a local farmer and constable. JT has to learn an alien concept to him: Hard work. He also finds himself in the sites of the farmer’s daughter, a free-spirited girl named Lizzy.

Only they don’t realize they’re in the crosshairs of an alien invasion.

Preceded by: The Marilynists

Followed by: The Children of Amargosa

Published by Clayborn Press