Farset (died 429 IE) was a former Colonial Guard soldier who fell in with Lucius Kray‘s insurgents during the Gelt Incursion. He and his unit hijacked a Gelt battle wagon. They disguised themselves in Gelt armor and attacked civilians to take their supplies. The unit ran into a patrol under the command of Tomas Ramirez. Ramirez allowed JT Austin to break Farset’s leg while he was unconscious, then the veterinarian Dr. Yaris Ran to set it. When Farset awoke, Ramirez advised him that he faced a Section 11 execution for his actions.

Farset taunted JT with tales of two projection drive ships hidden on Nebraska Island by Governor Croix. He said Kray knew of a nearby pilot who could fly one of the ship past the invaders to Tian. The pilot would later turn out to be Suicide.

JT and Lizzy sprung Farset on their wedding night to search for the pilot Suicide. Farset, however, betrayed them by leading them into Kray’s compound. Kray made Farset take the couple to go find Suicide. He assigned Saja and another insurgent to watch over the three. Upon reaching Suicide’s shack near a reservoir near one of the mines in the area, the pilot shot Saja and her partner in the head. She voiced anger at seeing Farset, warning him not to lie about why the couple was with him when they clearly were not one of Kray’s people. Farset went along with Suicide, JT, and Lizzy on a trip to the Misty Mountains. A Gelt battle wagon cut them off. During the battle, Farset died when a Gelt Warrior stabbed him in the throat.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa