Susskind was the southernmost city on Amargosa. Situated in the Central Alps near the equator, it remained unscathed during the Gelt IncursionLizzy Parker described it as a scientific outpost while Major Furlong speculated in a broadcast that the city had no real strategic value.

Because of its isolation and lack of Gelt presence, Susskind setup the initial contacts with the fallen Ban Ki-moon and maintained contact until the main resistance could reach the ship. The population retreated to the caves in the Central Alps where Susskind was located to avoid Gelt probes, making the city appear abandoned.

In 430 IE, a probe from the Challenger relayed a message from Admiral Burke alerting them to the coming invasion to retake Amargosa. During the liberation, a second probe with a holographic message arrived, this one from Lattus Tishla announcing the liberation and her order for Gelt troops to stand down.


Appearances: Gimme Shelter, The Children of AmargosaSecond Wave