Mars, also known as Sol 4 or Sol d, was the fourth planet in Sol System and the first planet beyond Earth inhabited by Homo sapiens. The model the Class-M designation for planets, Mars had a thin atmosphere, no magnetic field, and low gravity. It is also a core world in the Compact.


Because of the water content below the surface and at the poles, as well as the relative ease of creating oxygen from elements present, Mars is humanity’s oldest and longest running terraforming project.

First reached by Terran humans in the late World War Era and colonized shortly thereafter, Mars became a founding member of the Compact.


Pronunciation:     marz

Adjectives:           Martian

Also known as:    Sol 4, Sol d, the Red Planet, the Fourth Planet, the Citizens’ Republic

Class:                    M

Star:                       Sol

Orbit:                     206,700,000 – 249,200,000 km

Diameter:             6779 km

Gravity:                 .376g

Atmosphere:        95.97% carbon dioxide, 1.93% argon, 1.89% nitrogen, 0.146% oxygen, 0.0557% carbon monoxide, 0.0210% water vapor, 0.0100% nitrogen oxide, 0.00025% neon, 0.00008% hydrogen deuterium oxide, 0.00003% krypton, 0.00001% xenon

Political Status:    Core World, permanent member of the Compact Security Council

Government:        Social democracy – Citizens’ Republic of Mars, founded 98 IE

Primary Polity:      Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land