Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker (died 429 IE) was the wife of Constable John Parker of Harlan Township, Amargosa. The couple had one daughter, Lizzy. She was a member of the Harvest Faith. However, unlike most in that tradition, she took John Parker’s surname when they married. Her daughter would do the same when she married JT Austin.

Sarah treated JT like a son. On the evening before his sixteenth birthday, she made him a big steak dinner. The next day, after an equally large breakfast, she sent him to a nearby reservoir with orders not to do any farm work and just spend the day quietly. When the Gelt Incursion began that night, however, she sent JT and Lizzy with the farm’s manager, Quan, to take shelter in Harlan Township‘s main settlement. She died alongside her husband when Gelt invaders raided their farm during the Gelt Incursion.

Appearances: Gimme Shelter