Orias Palak

Orias Palak was a member of the Realm‘s Warrior Caste and originally a second-in-command to Lattus Kai on Essenar.

Upon Lattus’s death, Palak became a close confidant of his widow, Tishla. He brought her truce offer to Trevor Colt and turned over the lawyer Yrdesh as a hostage to convince Colt of her sincerity. As children, both Kai and Tishla considered him a surrogate father, a role he continued when Tishla assumed the role of First Citizen.

During the rechallenge before the Sovereign of the Realm on Hanar, Palak told Tishla she was committing needless suicide. He assigned a young Warrior named Feltan Bornag as her bodyguard.

After the botched attempt on Tishla’s life, Palak urged her to reach out to disaffected humans of both species, Gelt, and other primates to rapidly grow Hanar. He suggested reaching out to Laral Umish about sending the surviving humans on Amargosa to Hanar as they might see Tishla as a savior. Colt shot down that idea, having met Laral. He speculated that the humans would resent Tishla and that Laral would not want to deal with her after losing face in front of the Sovereign. However, he voiced objections to letting Nolan Rosc live when he was arrested for the attempt on Tishla’s life.

When Tishla’s son Kai-ban died, he and Trevor Colt served as torchbearers to light the child’s funeral pyre.

Palak helped train Tishla on her mission to kill Laral Umish. Using contacts in the Realm, he was able to book passage on a shipping line created by Laral to service Amargosa. During Tishla’s trip to Amargosa, he acted in her stead as head of Hanar.

In 430 IE, he and Trevor Colt joined Tishla in receiving a delegation from the Compact that included Eileen BurkeQuentin Austin, and Metisian representative Athena Jovann.

After the Liberation of Amargosa, Palak stood with Tishla at a medal ceremony for Suicide and the Children of Amargosa. There, he and Trevor Colt stood with Tishla as they presented the Order of Hanar. He greeted each recipient with a Warrior’s salute, crossing his fists over his chest and bowing to them. Each one returned the gesture.

After the attempt on Douglas Best‘s like, Orias traveled to Amargosa to retrieve Tishla and confer with Governor-General Jovann and Vice Admiral Burke. He suggested the attacks on the Thulian EnclaveChapaan Village, and Suicide‘s home might have been the work of Gelt extremist hoping to coax the Sovereign into a wider war with the Compact. Burke and Suicide disagreed due to the Juno symbols on weapon fragments found at two of the attack sites.


Appearances: The Roots of War, TishlaFlight Blade