Orias Palak

Orias Palak was a Gelt Warrior, advisor to First Citizen Lattus Tishla of Hanar, and later, that world’s chancellor. A general and longtime friend of the Lattus family, he acted as a surrogate father to both Lattus Kai and his childhood friend, Tishla. When Kai became governor of the failing prison colony of Essenar, Orias accompanied him. He stepped in to prevent Laral Jorl from conning Kai out of Tishla’s indenture contract. Reluctantly, he went along with the plan to seize Hanar (Gilead) and Cyal (Amargosa). When Kai died in a challenge by Laral, Orias remained on Hanar and assisted Tishla with her challenge against Jorl. Jorl committed suicide, leaving Cyal to his son Umish and Tishla and her unborn twins with the claim to Hanar. As Tishla rebuilt with the surviving humans, he became head of her council, then her chancellor. When an assassination attempt nearly killed Tishla and her daughter and did kill her son, he prepared her to go to Amargosa to confront and kill Laral Umish.

When Tishla returned, he helped plan the liberation of Amargosa. Afterward, he put together Hanar’s new parliament as more settlers arrived and grew the planet.



The Roots of War, Tishla, Flight Blade, Storming Amargosa