Brigga (died 430 IE) was a Gelt Warrior stationed on Amargosa in 430 IE. Upon the execution of his commanding officer, Laral Farad promoted Brigga to general and ordered him to take Warriors into the mountains, contradicting long-standing Caste policy, to exterminate humans. Brigga had already planned for this and promised to being the operation within hours. However, his plans stalled when all contact was lost with Deming. He informed Laral that not only had the resistance coopted the mechs Gelt occupiers had built. The resistance, soon known as the Northern Resistance consisted not only of humans and the mechs they hijacked, but angry Gelt settlers and a sapient breed of lycanth. Less credibly, Brigga heard rumors that the resistance followed a Chapaan.

Upon arriving in Deming, he found the city largely abandoned, the mechs gone. Summoning Farad, they questioned the prisoners taken, both human and Gelt. He and Farad barely survived an assassination attempt when a young settler girl detonated her load of incendiary nanites. On orders from Farad, Brigga had the remainder of the city torched and the prisoners all executed.

Brigga found Laral Farad where he had been shot trying to reclaim Laral Peteesh, his late cousin’s consort. By now, the ceasefire had ended, and humans battled Gelt in the streets of Riverside. Brigga had a lead on Lucius Kray’s whereabouts. Along the way, they ran across Diana Jovann fleeing the city ahead of the coming liberation. He incinerated her and her entourage. They located where they believed Kray to be hiding. There, they found the renegade Riley with a fusion warhead. Laral killed Riley. They were confronted by Kray. By the time they realized he had appeared holographically, the warhead detonated, vaporizing Brigga and Laral and destroying Riverside.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa