Trevor Colt

Trevor Colt was a resistance leader on Gilead during the Gelt Incursion. He had witnessed the duel between Laral Umish and Lattus Kai in which Lattus died. When Orias Palak offered a truce, Colt expressed doubt as the Gelt had just killed his friend, Ed Parker. Palak turned over the lawyer Yrdesh as a hostage until Colt or another human appointed to speak for the original settlers could meet with Tishla, Lattus’s widow and mother of his unborn children.

Colt met with Tishla on an open field. She proposed to use her claim on the planet to end the bloodshed and rebuild the planet with resources now at her disposal. If the surviving humans demanded the Gelt’s removal, they could kill her. Colt took the proposal back to the original colonists.

Before the Sovereign of the Realm, he made the case to his fellow humans that Tishla’s offer was sound. They would survive with the resources her husband had brought to Gilead. Despite outcry to decapitate her, the crowd overwhelmingly accept her proposal.

When Tishla suffered a failed assassination attempt, he led the investigation to find the killer. Conferring with Doctors Zewan and Troughton, the theorized that the shooter had to be human for using a firearm, but the real killer was Gelt for understanding Tishla’s physiology. He stepped up his efforts with Feltan Bornag when the doctors discovered Tishla’s unborn twins had become infected with mersa.

During an audience before Tishla, the Laputan captain Jeris Mar let slip that she purchased a KR-16 rifle for Laral Umish. Reluctantly, he had Jeris tortured. She confessed she handed the weapon and the tainted ammunition off to Nolan Rosc. After getting Tishla to swear she would ban torture, he and Bornag went out to where human separatists were camped to arrest Rosc. Tishla vowed not to execute him. Colt and Bornag then searched Jeris’s ship, locating the pathogen and the hollowed out bullets.

When Tishla’s son Kai-ban died, Colt served with Orias Palak as torch bearer, lighting the child’s funeral pyre in a traditional Gelt funeral. Shortly afterward, he began a casual relationship with Tishla. When Lattus Athena survived, the relationship became intimate. Colt also trained Tishla to prepare for her mission to kill Laral Umish on Amargosa.

In 430 IE, he and Orias Palak joined Tishla to receive a delegation from the Compact which included Vice Admiral BurkeRear Admiral Quentin Austin, and Metisian representative Athena Jovann. The meeting resulted in Colt leading a joint Hanarian-Compact operation to escort the admirals to meet with human separatists. The separatists, however, ambushed the Navy unit with the admirals, resulting in their abduction. They regrouped the next morning with the full joint force and aerial backup from the Challenger, rescuing the admirals and allowing negotiations to proceed.

When the Compact flagged Malcolm Russell’s presence on Hanar, Colt took a team to retrieve him and place him under arrest. He considered the Juno agent a threat to Tishla, upon whom Hanar’s existence depended. Russell, however, had an incendiary nanite load he detonated, killing two of Colt’s team along with himself.

Colt attended the medal ceremony arranged by Tishla at Walden after the Liberation of Amargosa. When he met JT Austin, he commented that JT was the one he had to worry about. JT tried to alleviate his fears by saying he was just a kid. By this point, Colt had been elevated to the role of “Sheriff of Hanar,” which had a less thuggish conontation than “Chief Enforcer.”


Appearances: Tishla, Flight BladeStorming Amargosa